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Solutions and guidance that keeps modern workplaces productive and secure

Digital Workplace Transformation Services and Solutions

Leverage digital solutions to gain efficiencies, enable unhindered remote working, and secure devices from any location

Modern workplaces require digital solutions to be able to operate efficiently and securely. We can help you get the right tools and processes in place. 

The traditional workplace is evolving, we can help you:

✔ Implement and support cloud-based collaboration solutions like Microsoft Teams for efficient remote working 

✔ Outline best practices for digital workplaces and highlighting process improvements for digital workplaces

✔ Ensure security is at the forefront of your digital workplace for supporting office workers, remote workers, and hybrid approaches 

✔ Evaluate and offer recommendations on your Work From Home solutions and processes

Digital Workplace Cyber Security 

We have a bundle of services dedicated to securing digital workplaces with tools, best practices and training. With many workers connecting from home or working remotely, businesses need to take another look at how they are securing their networks and data.  

We cover: 

  • Digital workplace cyber security best practices 
  • Implementing cyber security tools  
  • Assessing current processes, technology, and configurations for gaps 
  • Rolling out security awareness training programs to educate staff on cyber threats  
  • Creating a layered security approach to protect users working from home or the office 

Digital Workplace Implementation Expertise 

We help businesses go to market and find the right digital communication, collaboration, and security tools that meet their needs. Then we take the necessary steps to implement them within the business.  

This can include: 

  • Business analysis and architecture 
  • Project management and delivery for larger scale roll-outs  
  • Configuration and implementation of digital tools 
  • Development and integration to tie new digital tools to the rest of the business  
  • Testing and modifying the digital workplace solutions to meet specific needs 
  • Educating the team on how to use the new tools correctly 

Digital Workplace Efficiency 

While remote working has become mandatory, at least in the short term for many businesses, technology tools are needed to be able to maintain the same level of employee productivityMany workers have expressed interest in longerterm hybrid working or full-time remote meaning businesses may shift to this “new normal”. 

We can help you gain efficiencies through the following digital workplace solutions: 

  • File shares, document management systems, and intranets 
  • Collaboration and communication tools 
  • Cloud-based email and email systems 
  • Cloud-based CRMs and related processes 
  • Legal document / eSignature collaboration tools 
  • Digital phones 
  • Business workflow tools

Digital Transformation Strategy 

It can be a huge leap to go from on-premise and outdated legacy systems to all-digital workplace solutions. Our senior consultants and architects take a full-picture view of your organization’s IT environment, business processes, and structure. Then, they can chart a path toward digital workplace transformation at a pace that makes sense for your business. 

Digital Workplace Transformation Strategies typically include: 

  • Assessing current state of technology and processes 
  • Analyzing business trajectory and considering future technology and capability needs of the business 
  • Process improvements for digital workplaces 
  • Prioritizing transformation projects based on impact to business, resources required, and available budget 

IT Assessments for Companies at Each Stage of Digital Transformation 

We have a wide spectrum of IT assessments to help companies better understand their technology, processes, risks, and opportunities. The first step in any digital transformation project is gathering a detailed analysis on your environment. 

Assessments include: 

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment 
  • IT Organization Assessment 
  • IT Process and Risk Assessment 
  • Application and Infrastructure Assessments 
  • Disaster Recovery and Security Reviews
  • Project Reviews 
  • IT Budget Reviews 

Remote Support 

Digital workplace solutions must include a component of remote support capable of providing the same level of service to users regardless of if they are working from home, connecting from the office, or anywhere in between. Remote working means remote support is a necessity. We can ensure you have the digital workplace solutions you need to support your team remotely. 

We can assist with selecting, configuring, and managing the following tools for remote support: 

  • Remote takeover 
  • Self-service portals 
  • Patch management tools 
  • Knowledge base tools 
  • Mobile device management tools 

Resolute is a Trusted Partner in Remote Support 

If you’re looking for a partner to cover remote support, our managed services offer supports businesses across North America. Find out if you’re a candidate for managed services.  

If you have any questions or need help, feel free to contact with our team, or you can call us any time 0040 31 4100 600

Oferim o expertiză de neegalat axată pe alinierea tehnologiei cu obiectivele dvs. de afaceri și cerințele industriei. Contactați-ne la:
Oferim o expertiză de neegalat axată pe alinierea tehnologiei cu obiectivele dvs. de afaceri și cerințele industriei. Contactați-ne la:
Oferim o expertiză de neegalat axată pe alinierea tehnologiei cu obiectivele dvs. de afaceri și cerințele industriei. Contactați-ne la:
We provide unequalled expertise focused on aligning technology with your business objectives and industry requirements. Contact us at:
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Advantages of Digital Transformation Services

Digital Workplace Security

We keep security at the forefront of our digital workplace solutions. Our team has extensive experience securing environments, protecting business from cyber threats, and ensuring endpoints are protected regardless of where users are connecting from.

End-to-End Digital Transformation Services

Our team has the skills to lead your digital transformation from start to finish. We have the ability to go from collecting business requirements, solutioning, selection, configuration, integration, and implementation of digital workplace solutions.

Experienced Business Process Consultants

We have experience adapting business processes to make efficient use of digital workplace technology.

Supporting Your Digital Transformation

Our team is well equipped to support your new digital solutions remotely on a 7x24 basis.

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