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Real Estate & Construction

IT Services For Real Estate & Construction

Construction projects have changed drastically within the recent past. With large amounts of data being shared and collaborated on, you need an IT environment that can handle your workloads and meet your needs.


Benefit From Industry-Specific Expertise

Our IT services can help your construction company experience the benefits that come with having highly experienced and specialized senior IT professionals leading projects, designing processes and supporting your needs.

Cloud Computing in the Construction Industry

Cloud services have major benefits but can be difficult to implement in construction where internet access may be limited or not yet available. We can advise on what workloads would be optimized in a cloud environment and which ones should remain on-prem or in a hybrid environment.

We can enable offline capabilities to make changes to site plans, project plans, and other key resources that synchronize when connected again.  Given collaboration between trades is an essential part of construction, we can assist with selection and implementation of collaboration and workflow solutions.

IT Project Management in Construction

Our team has senior project managers that can advise on some of the best software and processes to keep your IT projects on track and completed on time.

Align Technology With Your Strategic Goals

Grow Your Business With Our Professional IT Support Services

We provide unequalled expertise focused on aligning technology with your business objectives and industry requirements. As your business grows, your need for managed IT support services grows with you. Partnering with us will ensure flexibility and scalability to meet your IT needs.

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Our dedicated service desk option is managed and resourced by engineers focussed on a single client. The advantages of OxygenTech’s dedicated service desk include:
Deep familiarity with your infrastructure and environment.

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